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Obedience training provides both enjoyment and encouragement for your dog. Your dog will thrive on the physical challenge and the mental stimulation of our programs. The Dog Wizard provides expert dog training for your individual needs and goals.

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Aggression is not a natural state of mind for a dog. We love working dogs through their aggression, because they are so much more content once they are liberated from this burden. No dog wants to feel aggressive. They are searching for stability, and we can help them find it.
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Problem Solving
All of our dog obedience programs include solving problem behaviors that your dog may be exhibiting. We can show you how to better communicate with your dog to alleviate these issues. You can have the dog you want. Don't live with unwanted behaviors any longer!
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Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety is one of the more common problems with dogs and one of the most rewarding issues to solve. Nothing is more satisfying than helping a dog obtain the confidence to be on his own and to feel secure. Let us help your dog get his confidence back.

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